08.01.2016 / Editorial Features

Achtung Online

"The perseverance practiced in her well-chosen, Ruhr Valley hideout, encircled by her ten colleagues, has perfected this talent so extensively that we even thought that 22/4 was merely an urban myth.  Fortunately, after much research, this turned out to be incorrect."

"In the current Winter Collection, an homage to the dapper dandy Oscar Wilde, she mixes such classic references to traditional tailoring with elements of modern-glamorous Sportswear." 

"Now that we have actually 'caught' Stephanie Hahn and 22/4, we would find it a downright shame to release her back into hiding."  


All text translated from the German as seen in Achtung Mode.  

Read the full article, "Catch her, if you can" in German at Achtung Mode Online