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The German high-end tailoring label 22/4_HOMMES_FEMMES by designer Stephanie Hahn has been producing its womens and menswear designs "Made in Germany" since 2008.

Since its inception, 22/4 has produced mens and womens collections, offering two separate but connected lines. 

Both collections are all handmade in Germany, and by using nongendered fabrics and classical men’s tailoring for women’s shapes, achieve a nonbinary thematic harmony without approaching unisex.

With its own showroom in Paris and catwalk shows in the official Paris "Menswear Fashion Week Calendar", the label has made an international name for itself over the years.

Extraordinarily high quality standards and a sophisticated art of tailoring in combination with exquisite goods from Europe are the main characteristics and constant driving force of the designer and her team.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 12.57.08.png

picture by Stefan Milev

Classic and sophisticated - 22/4_HOMMES_FEMMES deliberately evades all trends and gender definitions.

Her drive to produce well-made and impeccably-constructed clothes that everyone can wear with confidence, combined with the passion that grew from the search for great fabrics, has been key in shaping the identity of 22/4. Her intention is always to create distinctive and sophisticated luxury garments for a market with traditional values and a progressive edge.

The crux of 22/4’s positioning in today’s society hinges on the importance of fashion design as an activity that can be observed from many angles; one being her designs’ capacity to shift an economical situation, another its omnipresence in the objects and images which sustain cultural existence.


As an individual Hahn has chosen to express herself in a visual rather than verbal form.

She has chosen silence over recognition and has redefined her own anonymity with the capacity to communicate through other resources, such as the shapes and objects of her own creation.

22/4 is a numerical title referencing not only the mathematical elements of tailoring, but the equation of teamwork. Her designs tell a story, reconstruct and synthesize real-life situations. Through the use of fabrics and shapes she differentiates and integrates visual representations, thus mobilizing the wearer and stimulating them to desire something.

As a designer she does not vocalize her authorship, but puts her energy instead towards interpreting new social interactions, creating new relations between people and materials, and incorporating these ideas into shapes and designs that will become a part of the future users’ lives.

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