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What if would rave meet the style of an eccentric character like the former multimillionaire, art collector, poet and patron of the arts Edward James would have gone to a rave at the legendary Manchester Hacienda Club?


 22/4_HOMMES_FEEMES latest Autumn/Winter collection is exactly asking this question.

The British multimillionaire Edward James was known for his patronage of the surrealist art movement and good friend with artists like Salvatore Dali or René Magritte. He was a very eccentric character who transferred is home "Monkton House" into a surrealistic world furnished with Salvatore Dali works and transparent walls in the bathroom, a bed with the shape of a coffin and the carpet marked with the footprints of his wife the dancer, Tilly Losch.

The legendary Hacienda Club was a night club and music venue that became internationally famous for the rave scene in Manchester during the "Madchester Years" of the 1980s and early 1990s. Designed by Ben Kelly who already worked with Malcom McLaren to refurnish the rehearsal room for "The Sex Pistols". He also designed the front of the legendary "Seditionaries Shop" of McLaren and Westwood.

A free and eccentric spirit like Edward James would for sure have visited the Hacienda Club and enjoyed the energy of a rave that days but of course with style. 

The labels traditional high-end tailoring meets the elegant but eccentric style of Edward James and the rave scene of the 

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